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My name is Ellie Finch and I'm a counsellor. I specialise in supporting children and young people aged 8-18 who are struggling with low mood, poor self-esteem, identity issues, friendships, anxiety, panic attacks, parental separation, grief, self-harming or suicidal thoughts to understand and explore what is troubling them, to find their voice and improve their mood and their relationships.

I’ve worked with many children and young people with caring parents like you.

​Are you unable to sleep at night for worrying about your child? Do you feel helpless and confused about why your child is depressed, anxious, uncommunicative, self-harming or having suicidal thoughts?

Are you scared about losing your relationship with your child or of losing your child all together?

​No one wants to feel that way. Imagine feeling less anxious about your child. Imagine your child finding their voice, their identity and developing in to a confident, happy young person with interests and positive relationships with friends, family and teachers.

​I can offer your child a confidential space to share how they are feeling and to explore what is going on in their world. I can support them to make sense of the things that are troubling them and find a way to share their feelings with the important people in their lives such as you, their parent.

I am very experienced at building a strong relationship with the young people I work with. In addition, my relationship with you as a parent is also really important to me and I offer an initial session with you and your child so that we can establish altogether how your child and I will work together. I can also meet you separately at first if you prefer. In addition, I offer optional review sessions, where appropriate, which you are invited to so that your child can share their progress with you.

I specialise in working online and via telephone. This means I can connect with your child on their terms, wherever they are, using whatever means they are most comfortable with; chat, email, voice or video over whatsapp, facetime, zoom, computer games or phone.

Online and telephone counselling have been proven to be just as effective as face-to-face counselling and, in my experience, they can work even better. I’ve found using computer games such as Minecraft in counselling to be a fantastically effective way to engage children and young people. In addition, many young people on the autistic spectrum can benefit from counselling using games like Minecraft.  

In addition to Minecraft and other computer games, I use virtual play rooms to engage children and young people and make use of the online medium by integrating music, film clips, online board games, informative videos and video books and more in to my online practice.

​Online and telephone counselling can be particularly helpful for your child if they suffer from social anxiety or find being in a new environment difficult. It equalises the relationship; instead of being in a random office they are in their own environment and are likely to feel far more comfortable. And with counselling using Minecraft they are in a familiar space online too, they are in their realm and it is there where the restorative work can begin.

“After one session with you my son was positively bouncy and happier than he has been for a long time. Thank you.” Mum of 12-year-old


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Contact me to book in for your free 20 minute, no obligation, initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a little and for you to explore whether you or your child would benefit from having further sessions with me.

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